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Welding Training


Adams Horizon Training was established in 2007 and we strive for maximum results.We offer the best service in welding training courses. We provide fully qualified and experienced welding instructors and we have our own in-house, accredited welding,to witness all coded welding tests; saving you time and money,

We will work closely with you to tailor your welder training requirements to your specific demands, rather than just offering standard 'modular' fixed duration training.

In this way you pay for the welding bay, equipment, facilities and instruction for the number of days required to allow you to reach the standard you need, or take a welder qualification (code) test.
We pride ourselves on offering a personal,bespoke professional service to both small and large companies and individuals alike.

Welding School

We offer "test" only days, for welders who only require approval/re-approval. Our training courses start from a single day, after registration right up from 1 week 3 Month options depending your selected course.
Although essentially practical, training modules can contain theoretical content with full printed notes available on request.

Our close supervision style of training generally means that welders already working in the trade don't need longer than 5-10 days in order to reach test standard.

The actual content and level of training is tailored to your specific requirements, but is available from basic craft skills, to more advanced technician skills.

Welder training can be delivered at our training centre, here in Germiston (Johannesburg) South Africa.

Boiler Making Training Gain High Quality Welding Skills.

We offer welding training equivalent to approved International Standards.

Welders come from all over the country; in fact they come from all over Africa to train and test with us. We have received Students from Countries like Angola, Namibia, Botswana,Mozambique, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Malawi, DRC(Congo) e.t.c

we provide accommodation for 1-3 month.

Are you looking to become certified welder in your life, but you dont know where to begin? Just like anything else that you want to do in life, you really need to be able to invest your time and commit yourself into short courses only if you want to succeed in life.

Becoming a professional welder could be as simple as attending any other short course in our institution, attend a welding course in Adams Horizon training, you need to be committed by doing what it takes in order to succeed in life.

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