Adams Horizon Training
Mobile Crane Training
Mobile Crane Training
7 to 10 days
Telescopic Boom Handler Training
Telescopic B Handler
7 to 10 days
Excavator Training
Reach Stacker Training
7 to 10 days
Overhead Crane Training
Truck Mounted Crane
7 to 10 days
Grader Training
Superlink Training
2 to 3 Weeks
Telescopic Boom Handler Training
Dump Truck Training
7 to 10 days
Bulldozer Training
Excavator Training
7 to 10 days
Front End Loader Training
TLB Training
7 to 10 days
Bobcat Training
777 Dump Truck
7 to 10 days
LHD Scoop Training
Drillrig Training
7 to 10 days
Mobile Crane Training
Tower Crane Training
7 to 10 days

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Operators Training


Adams Horizon Training (PTY) Ltd is an Registered training centre Under Accreditation number:TETA 18-972 We are a Level 1 BBBEE Contributor,Meaning companies can claim maximum 0f 135% for procument. Upon successful completion of each course Learners are awarded with a fully accredited operators Certificate and licence under Transport Education And Training Authorty of South Africa.

We are committed to upholding the national code of practice for the evaluation of training providers for lifting machine operators under the driven machinery regulations in the occupational health and safety act 85/1993, of the South African Qualifications Authority We have been Training Excavator, Dump Truck, Grader, Mobile Crane, Tower Crane, Front End Loader, Bobcat, TLB, Forklift operators since 2007 until the present.
In addition to training and certifications Adams Horizon Training has aligned itself with strategic business partners in order to provide additional industry related solutions to its customers such as Welding Courses in partners with registered institutions.

Grader Operator

In all this time we have continually seen that the 5 key elements that people are looking for when selecting a course are:

1. High quality training
2. Low course fees
3. Fast & convenient courses
4. Free Job assistance
5. And Better accommodation for People from far.

You can be assured that our Short training courses tick off on ALL of these above mentioned points and more.
We will have you skilled up, licensed and back to work in no time at all.
Whether you are a job seeker looking for a start in the warehousing industry or a business manager looking to up skill your team we have training course for you.
We start new courses daily right across Gauteng Province either in our training centres or on-site at your workplace.

We accommodate local and international students

Form local
Durban, Freestate, Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga, Gauteng, North West, Eastern Cape, North West, Limpopo, Cape Town.
And International
Angola, DRC (Congo),Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Malawi, Nigeria, Namibia, Zambia e.t.c

Our training system made easy.You no longer need to waste a whole day crammed into a small classroom.(This is boring and not effective).

Excavator Operatoros

It could not be easier! You simply watch the training videos from the comfort of your own home and then complete a multiple choice quiz to check your understanding.
You then attend a practical training session with our forklift trainer,prior to completing the licence assessment.

Drillrig Operators

we provide accommodation for 1-4 weeks.

Are you looking to become certified Operator in your life, but you dont know where to begin?
Just like anything else that you want to do in life, you really need to be able to invest your time and commit yourself into short courses only if you want to succeed in life.
Becoming a skilled Operator could be as simple as attending any other short course in our institution, attend any course in Adams Horizon training, you need to be committed by doing what it takes in order to succeed in life.

WE DO JOB ASSISTANCE: Free of Charge! Our assistance is based on different companies who require employees from time to time. We have assisted our students in placing them within the Construction, Mining and Some Industrial Companies all around Southern.

Skills, interests and qualities
To be a good operator from Adams Horizon Training you will need to have:

(a) A responsible and mature attitude to work
(b) Adams Horizon Training The ability to work quickly, especially during busy periods
(c) Good physical coordination to operate a truck
(d) The ability to assess weights and judge distances and heights
(e) An awareness of health and safety.
(f) The ability to follow written instructions and understanding sign language in your working environment

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